Tape art by Selfmadecrew for German National Bank in Berlin

Tape art project for German National Bank (Berlin)

Who is Selfmadecrew?

We are the “Selfmadecrew” – a Berlin-based and globally active artists collective, which is represented worldwide and primarily deals with urban art forms. Six artists united by a shared love of contemporary, urban art. In our team, the young creators embody their ideas hand in hand with experienced and recognized artists. We are always welcoming new, young, and up-and-coming members to our collective. They bring a breath of fresh air to our team with their innovative ideas.

Video (Mural art by Selfmadecrew):

Selfmadecrew was founded in 2015 by Slava Osinski a tape art and street art artist who has caused a stir several times at home and abroad with his works. Since its foundation, our collective has been dealing with different techniques and areas of contemporary art. For example, we specialize in both tape art and spray can art, both indoors and outdoors. We organize live painting events and take part in many street art and art in construction projects. We gain recognition in the scene through our tape art and street art projects as well as through cooperation with different partners such as the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Urban Nation – Berlin Museum for Urban Art, Goethe Institute, and many others.

SelfmadeCrew artist Gomez finishes the tape portraits

“SelfmadeCrew” artist Dennis Gomez works on the tape artwork

We create artistic highlights

Whether at trade fairs, cultural or company events – we are always the right contact for you with our unique and outstanding art!
We can set up artistic installations, present a live performance for your visitors or support your ideas, projects, or plans with our creativity. With our art, you will not only immediately draw attention to yourself, but also literally step out of the ordinary and leave a lasting impression on your customers or employees.

A huge tape art portrait on a shop window made with blue packing tape only

A huge tape art portrait on a shop window

Why tape art?

But what exactly is tape art and why is it the best choice for you? This technique refers to the art that is almost exclusively made of adhesive tape. This can not only be applied to “canvases” but also to walls, windows, floors, or any other smooth surfaces, and also has the advantage that it can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

Tape art facade- Closeup

Tape art on the German embassy in Ukraine

Tape art or Graffiti?

Although most of our projects are in the field of tape art, we are just as happy to accept individual commissions for classic graffiti or street artwork. We also organize tape art and graffiti workshops for customers.

We accept orders

Large orders are no problem for our well-organized artist collective. We will implement them for you in a short time. Our artworks are often used for advertising and marketing campaigns, attracting many potential customers for our clients.


Google Office Tape Art -Zurich 2016

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