Temporary Vandalism by “Selfmadecrew”

Temporary Vandalism by “Selfmadecrew”2020-05-23T17:31:23+01:00
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Best artworks made of adhesive tape

3D graffiti arrow with tape rolls

An arrow with rolls

There are many ways to create artworks. They range from diverse colors to pens and various types of paper that can be re-processed over and over again. But it takes skill, creativity, and courage to create real masterpieces with tape, which is then called tape art.

Art from adhesive tape is more versatile than you might expect. Thus, a variety of tapes can be used for the design of the artworks. They differ in structure, form, and color from each other. So, the variety of adhesive tapes allows us to implement different ideas and to interpret works of art again and again.

A special form of urban art

Even though the art created out of tape is slowly gaining recognition in its boundlessness and diversity, its origins date back several decades.
Around the 1960s, the processing of packaging tapes emerged as a separate art trend in the art world. Among other things, the art of tape became a subtype of urban art. The success was restrained in the beginning. Although some newcomers discovered the opportunities and individuality that was associated with it, it took a long time to gain widespread recognition for the works of art, in public space as well.

Boundless Diversity

Slava “Ostap” Osinski, the founder of Selfmadecrew is one of the famous tape artists in Germany. Even more, he inspires more and more people every year and shows the boundlessness and diversity of art out of adhesive tape. He produces his works on a variety of surfaces, in different rooms and under different conditions.
The works of Ostap and his Crew have one thing in common: They show that this art direction is neither boring nor superficial. Rather, the artworks surprise with a grand form of spatiality and diversity. With his exceptional sense of art, “Selfmadecrew” and Slava have already participated in various art projects, surprising them time and again with new facets of the art of packaging.

The ideal choice for various urban art projects

God bless you, Berlin- Bench- Duct tape street art- 2013

Street art made of duct tape- A bench

The popularity of tape art is increasing, not least because it has established itself as a coveted alternative to various other urban art styles. So, artworks made of tape looks often more appealing than modern graffiti art does. It is also easier to handle and can be removed if necessary.

There are mainly very common tapes used for creating art, which is usually flexible and waterproof at the same time. They can be brought into shape with a few simple steps and are also available in an almost unparalleled color variety. Thus, through the now widely available color palette, various hue gradations in the works of art can be implemented. The tapes remain colorfast even after processing.

In addition to a good idea and the associated imagination, there is no need for the tape art accessories, because the individual tapes are torn off by hand and brought into shape. While the classic packaging tape is standardized in its widths, the artistic Tapes, which are also available in numerous variations, are also thinner, so that filigree details can be implemented.

Tapes hold on all surfaces

Since the tapes hold on almost all surfaces, the application and implementation of the art made of tape are virtually unlimited. Thanks to their good adhesive properties, they can be applied to stone and asphalt as well as to plastic, aluminum dibond, and wood. Furthermore, they are suitable for attachment to fabric and glass. A clean surface is the only thing that is needed for exceptional artwork. The tapes not only adhere to perfectly straight surfaces but can also be adapted to rounded base surfaces. Likewise, the tape pictures are easily transferable to different sizes. Thus, small indoor artworks can be implemented as well as large masterpieces in the outdoor area.

The tape art inspires as an experimental art direction that reinvents itself time and again. Today, it is best known in cities like Berlin, where special art projects keep attracting attention. In addition to pure “pictures”, the form of art can also create sculptures of different sizes. In this variation, the individual tapes are formed so that they are real sculptures in different sizes. These masterpieces are primarily based on a painter’s crepe and other paper tapes because they can be flexibly adapted in shape.

What is the ideal tape for all surfaces

The choice of adhesive tapes depends on various aspects. In addition to the nature of the underground, it also plays a role as it is designed and which works of art should be implemented with it. Today, the range of tapes is so great that there is enormous artistic freedom. Hardly any special requirements are placed on the surfaces by artists like Selfmadecrew and Slava.

Berlin's starry night- duct tape Vincent Van Gogh painting

Duct tape Vincent Van Gogh painting “Starry Night” cover

To keep the tapes optimally, the surface should only be free of grease and dust. The art implemented by us reinvents itself again and again. It can be transformed into a variety of motives, thrilled both as a colorful adventure and as an appealing portrait with nuances of a color family. Slava and his Team manage to surprise at various locations with performing artworks.

The artworks show an unprecedented form of depth and variety. The Crew is guided in its art of various art directions and surprise again and again with its new ideas. At the same time, the Selfmadecrew and Slava (Ostap) often succeed in creating a work of art using just a few colors and skilled hands, which appeals to the spirit and does not hold back its message.

Extraordinary ideas, the right sense for something special and an unprecedented imagination make up the tape works of art of “Selfmadecrew”.

What is the art of adhesive tape?

3d geometric, abstract duct tape installation

Geometric 3D wall art

No one thinks of becoming a tape artist from the beginning. Before we started to tape, almost all of us (Selfmadecrew members) tried in the fine art with brush or spray can. Until we discovered the right thing for us at some point: a roll of adhesive tape. With the tape, we were immediately in our element! Colorful vs. transparent, matt vs. shiny, wide vs. slim, any variety with its own texture that inspires and fuels us all.

The tape is closer to people

In our opinion, art with sticky tape is exactly the kind that is close to people, being born from the urban lifestyle. An adhesive tape can be stuck in various places across the city. Whether such artworks are done on walls or on the sidewalk, they can also be removed afterward, if needed.

Probably this is what we love about art, the fact that is surprising and can be adapted to meet the visions of people.

How do I become an artist?

” Previously, I didn’t hear anything about the art made of tape. I just tried to make something really fresh and crazy out of it and immediately started to implement my ideas. Later, my efforts were judged: “This is real art!”.

It makes me feel free as an artist. Furthermore what I present in my head and materially reshape comes as tape lines on glass, on walls, or around objects. Thus my direct environment serves me as a “painting ground”.  Also, adhesive tape is environmentally friendly and relatively easy to remove, which is why the tape is often the ideal alternative to spraying.

I am glad that more and more people from all over the world are enthusiastic about tape art. So, I see it as a sign that the number of my thinkers is constantly increasing. ” (by Slava Ostap)

The tape is rather sticky
abstract-3d artwork out of duct tape

Abstract 3D wall art made of duct tape

As you may know, duct tape is rather sticky and can adhere to almost any surface. This is probably what made it so popular in contemporary urban art, the fact that it can be applied to anything helping a lot. In addition, to make art you just need the tape, a cutter, and a rich imagination. Once the artwork is complete, nothing else is needed to finish it, like no cover, no masks, nothing at all, because tape can withstand a while out in the open.

If it is placed on the inside, where water, wind, and sun will not reach it, such artwork can last for a very long time. Even so, it can be easily replaced, because tape can be removed whenever one wishes to do so.

Why tape?

The tape can be extremely surprising and modern, playing with shades, colors, visual effect, tricking your senses into believing what you want them to believe. Also, it is very versatile, fitting to any requirement, artistic vision, or environment.

Above all, it has a modern and urban air, as a reminder of the times, we are all living. It reflects aspects, like innovation, creativity, the power to exceed your condition and see the extraordinary in simple things.

Which motifs are good for tape art?

Abstract motifs and ornaments can be taped as well as the figurative, form-possessing objects. We attach great importance to the fact that our work fits well with the environment and thus creates a beautiful interaction. Sometimes we get the ideas for taping only when we look at the surfaces or locations. Especially if there are different corners, edges, handles or openings. Then we know immediately where to put which tape strips. Such surfaces are the optimal basis for, for example, three-dimensional works or optical illusions.

“If some places have corners and different angles, then I need a sketch to keep my focus on what I have to do while I try to recreate the idea, according to the given environment. But sometimes, when I start working abstract pieces, sketches are not so important, because I can let my imagination flow.” (by Slava Ostap)

Contemporary urban art inspired by the classics

Perhaps that is why classic performing works very often serve as sources of inspiration for our work. We always try to keep that classic touch and just add the trifles. Using tape, we visualize both the creatures of our imagination and the real, surrounding objects. Just in a newer way.

packing tape on lightbox- artwork by Slava Osinski

Portrait out of packing tape on a lightbox

Art involves me to people

“Ever since I started performing art, I enjoyed getting involved in numerous urban art project, just showing everybody that art can be fun and it can be there where they need it. I actually cannot find any limits when it comes to tape, the possibilities being endless.

Adhesive tape comes in all sizes and colors. So, for me, it is like using a brush and some paint. Mostly I work on floors, walls, elevators, hallways, rooms, even on the ceiling.

It is impossible to get bored with the art of tape! That’s why I love doing it and I love every challenge that comes my way when it comes to it. It literally shaped my life!” (by Slava Ostap)

Is that really art?

Everything new is considered first with some suspicion. Questions like “Is art made of adhesive tape really art?” Or “How long does it last?” Are quite normal. That they are asked, speaks for undistorted interest. History, too, keeps showing us that everything in art is changing, going into other forms, and then a new separate phenomenon is branching off.

So it was when the first pioneers distanced themselves from academic fine arts. And so it was when the photo-camera was invented. We believe tape art follows the same path. It had started, will continue to develop and experience its heyday. Maybe he will fade away in the future. It will not happen in the face of social reactions, at least not so fast.

Maybe even some artworks will end up on museum walls. It would be a symbol that a phenomenon like a Tape Art has left its deep mark in art history. If so, we are pleased to be able to contribute to it!

3d duct tape wall art

“Music”- a 3D art created with duct tape only