Recent Projects:

TAPE ART- The Temporary Vandalism

(Gaffer & Duct Tape)
Duct tape art gallery- preview image
Duct tape art gallery- preview image
(Packing Tape & Light)
Artworks made out of packing tapegallery - preview image
Artworks made out of packing tapegallery - preview image
(Art & Design for Brands)
Commissioned artworks and design projects by Selfmadecrew- Gallery cover
Commissioned artworks and design projects by Selfmadecrew- Gallery cover
(Tape Art & Graffiti)
Teambuilding with art workshops by Selfmadecrew- Cover image
(Art Making-of)
Other stuff we do:
Stencil spray paint street art by Selfmadecrew- Cover image
Stencil spray paint street art by Selfmadecrew- Cover image

Tape art is a form of contemporary art that uses only adhesive tape as a medium to create art. It emerged in the 1960s as an offshoot of the urban art form. Later spread this urban art technique as an alternative to using spray cans.  Our crew, the Selfmadecrew, specializes in Tape Art because it allows us to experiment with various techniques and take on new challenges.


One significant advantage of using adhesive tapes is their quick and silent application process – making them suitable for almost all project types: large and small, permanent or temporary. No protective taping or masking surfaces or locations is required.
The adhesive tape is easy to handle and can be applied to surfaces such as stone, asphalt, wood, aluminum, or glass. Indoor installations look just as impressive as outdoor ones. Unlike spray paint, adhesive tapes are easily removable – leaving no residue or stains.

What are we inspired by

As we use adhesive tape in art, we are motivated by bright ideas and creative modifications of modern premises. In art we search and find answers to many questions – it is the search that allows us to make original and unique art with tape. The human experience, emotions and feelings, and the rapidly changing world around us are the sources of our inspiration.

What materials do we use

Various types of tape can be used for creating art and design. It can be duct, packing, or masking tape, vinyl foil, or other adhesive products. Adhesive tape not only gives us the ability to fix or secure things, but it can also be used as a creative tool. The main advantage of tape art over traditional paintings and sculptures is the ability to apply images anywhere, including doors, windows, ceilings, and floors. Adhesive tape can also be used to create 3D sculptures. Not only can we glue different materials together, but we can also create shapes and build structures.  The material properties allow us to dispense with protective measures such as masking or coating. Adhesive tapes can be applied to various surfaces such as stone, cement, asphalt, glass, wood, aluminum surfaces, fabric, and other materials. By cleverly arranging the adhesive strips, we can thus create unique works of art that inspire not only with their look, but also with how they feel. Adhesive tape offers us a versatile and exciting way to live out our creativity and turn our visions into reality.

Where can you find our works

We are always ready for creative experiences and collaborations. We love challenges. They motivate us a lot. Each project opens up new possibilities and shows that perfection is unlimited. You will find examples of projects we have been involved in on this page. That’s it; we will not say another word — excessive modesty does not allow us to advertise ourselves too much.

Exhibitions & Commissions

The Selfmadecrew is a group of tape artists who use this art form in advertising campaigns, marketing projects, event agencies, and representative offices of well-known companies and well-known brands. We are open to new collaborations to further develop our expertise and look forward to contributing our skills to future projects.