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The popularity of tape art is growing steadily, not least because it has established itself as a good alternative to various other urban art styles. Artworks made of tape often look more spectacular than, for example, classical graffiti. Tape is also easier to handle and can be removed if necessary. We mainly use very common types of tape which are usually flexible and waterproof at the same time. They can be brought into shape with a few simple handles and are also available in an almost unparalleled variety of colors. Thus, various hue gradations can be implemented. The tapes remain colorfast even after processing. Apart from cutters and a few rolls of tape we usually do not need any other tools for creating our artworks. And it takes relatively little time to do it. We hardly produce any rubbish or waste.

Why art made from tape? Tape art FAQ

No one thinks of becoming a tape artist from the outset. Before we began taping almost all of us (Selfmadecrew members) tried out fine arts with a brush or spray can. Until we finally discovered the right thing for us: rolls of adhesive tape. And we would take to tape like a duck to water! Colorful vs. transparent, matt vs. shiny, wide vs. slim, any variety with its own texture that inspires and fuels all of us. But we don’t allow ourselves to delve too much into theory. By going out to the streets and working there with tape, we receive instant feedback. We get people‘s reactions and emotions right away – something invaluable to us.