OstUp- Graffiti commission- Mural and facades art by Selfmadecrew

“OstUp”- Wall Art by “Selfmadecrew”

Google Panda Update- Indoor Graffiti- Commissioned Project

Graffiti Job: On your own – in yours?

Most of our graffiti pieces are made on our own behalf. We have some authentic Berlin Graffiti Writers in our team. Are you looking for a contract artist? Engage Selfmadecrew and Ostap! Such a graffiti order guarantees your white walls absolute maximum penalties. Lifelong revision is permitted, there is no danger of darkening. Lots of onlookers in clinging not excluded. Bails are a matter of negotiation and will not be refunded ;)

Khokhloma- Graffiti Sprüh-Art von Ostap

It’s more than typography

Graffiti can go hand in hand with another crime in the public monotony: Street art is the culprit – criminalized because of coercion to look. Is that in your interest? This is where the art and commissioned art of Selfmadecrew and Ostap coming into play – is less a “Writing” than an art.

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