Packaging tape and light

Art made from packaging tape has a fascination all of its own. Parcel tape – an everyday object as a medium for art that, in combination with electricity and light, transforms a simple motif into a fascinating work of art in a matter of seconds. First purely visually, then on more subtle levels. The use of everyday objects such as parcel tape creates a unique texture and depth. To create the desired effects, each layer of tape is applied with precision and care, creating a play of light and shadow that adds vibrancy and dynamism to the artwork.

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas: Road trip in tape art

Two cool guys, a fly swatter and an accelerating V8: dynamism, the urge to break out and the unbridled longing for freedom are fused here by countless layers of tape to form a unit that is intended to captivate at first glance. But what is behind it?

Breakout : where to?

Two friends experience an absurd and extremely intense world on their journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Heat, speed and intoxication merge into a journey of maximum border-crossing. How do we translate this artistically?
Through different colors, tones and contrasts, the two self-proclaimed freedom fighters reveal themselves in the play of light and shadow, eluding a clear interpretation.
This ambivalence is at the heart of this work of art. It is an attempt to capture the feeling of a casual life, the freedom experienced and the unleashed psyche through many layers of parcel tape.

Icon or kitsch?

This artwork is a tribute to a bygone era, modeled after a screenshot from the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and was meant to capture the essence of the film. The insight into the 1970s resembles a road movie that has passed its zenith. A frozen icon that everyone knows and for which there are a multitude of interpretations and homages. For this reason alone, the motif can be described as kitsch.


The different colors and contrasts reflect the emotional highs and lows of the characters and the boundaries they cross. A playful, geometric background stands out from the two main characters. A blurred view of the viewer cannot be deciphered. But it is intended to show one thing: the human urge for expansion and adventure. Two people facing up to the world. The challenging gaze of the journalist speaks volumes. The viewer is invited to take part in this journey, if only for a brief moment. This work of art is an attempt to capture that very moment.

Parental Advisory Kitsch Content- artwork with lights off

“Parental Advisory Kitsch Content” – LIGHT OFF


Finished artwork – LIGHT ON