Tape art mural in progress

Work in progress

Working at a height of 20 meters

Taping at a height of 20 meters

Location: German Embassy, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Date: October 2021
Occasion: 20 years anniversary of diplomatic relations between Germany and Ukraine.
Material: Vinyl foil.
Surface: marble tiles / 700m²(840 yd²).
Duration of Execution: 5 days.

20 years anniversary of diplomatic relations

In 2021, Ukraine and Germany celebrated 20 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The team from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv asked us if we could put up a mural with tape art on the building to honor the close relationship between the two countries.

The challenge

The challenge was that the front faсade, where the tape art was to be created, was completely perforated with windows, and (note!) we were not allowed to tape the windows. However, the mural artwork should not be abstract. The topic should come across clearly. Despite all these requirements, we eagerly accepted the challenge and booked our tickets to Kyiv.

Taping of the German embassy facade in Kyiv

We flying high

Since the total area of ​​the facade was around 700m² (19x44yd=840 yd²) and we wanted to be finished on time, we decided to use vinyl foil instead of the usual duct tape, that we otherwise use for our adhesive tape art. In addition, the film offers a much larger selection of colors than duct tape, which was of great importance for our project. After only 5 days, just in time for the anniversary day, the complete pasting of the facade was completed.

Finished tape art facade of German embassy at Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho st 25, Kyiv, Ukraine

Finished artwork

The Idea and Message

As you can see in the photos, our motif consisted mainly of two flags depicted as firmly anchored puzzle pieces. A simple idea that playfully represents the strength of the connection between the two countries.

Making-of video:

More shots of the embassy building artwork:
Tape art facade- Closeup

Closeup of the artwork

Mural artwork on German Embassy in Kyiv Ukraine