Interactive Tape Art Live Painting Show- Selfmadecrew for WelcomeCamp

The interactive duct tape live painting show

[03:36 min] – Timelapse video of the show:

A day – a work of art, any time and anywhere

Is it possible to completely tape over a 2 by 5 meters wall surface within just one day? And so that a painting is created!

Our art can be created spontaneously on spots that are often unsuitable for other artists. As SELFMADECREW we have developed a motto: Wherever we are, we create art. For example on facades or walls, indoor or outdoor. We always find a way and solution to create a work of art. This time it was a windowpane that we wanted to turn into a piece of tape art.

The motif related to the topic

As someone who was in a similar situation and had to leave their homeland in search of a new place of residence, Slava (Ostap from SELFMADECREW) understood the feeling of loss and frustration of the refugees very well. Any kind of help-hand rich for someone in need is suitable and welcome for those in any form and at any time. The artwork that you can see in the picture was designed by Ostap for WelcomeCamp event and is intended to convey the idea of ​​open borders for people who are in a difficult situation.

The hand extension artwork- Live Painting with gaffer duct tape

“The hand reaching” as a welcome symbol

An outstretched hand, as a symbol of helpfulness

As a motif for this project, which was to be realized live in front of the audience, we decided on our leitmotif- “The Handshake“. The motif that symbolizes friendship and partnership. The blue hand reaches out for the green one and suggests the dialogue between people with different origins, skin colors, and backgrounds. We glued the main part of the composition ourselves, while the other part was completed by the visitors of the event so that this project was also an interactive hands-on action for the participants.

At the end of the day, we created a wall (resp. window) artwork 2 meters high and 5 meters wide using simple, commercially available GAFFER adhesive tape.

Reaching out a hand, as a welcome symbol- Finished artwork 2 x 5 meters in size

Finished artwork, 2×5 Meters in size

An outstretched hand- symbol of helpfulness- Duct tape artwork,after 7 hours of life taping

Finished artwork after 7 hours of live-taping