The hand extension artwork- Live Painting with gaffer duct tape

[03:36 min] – Timelapse video of the show:

Location:  Franz-Mehring-Platz 1 / Berlin
Date:  29 July 2019
Occasion:  WelcomeCamp
Material / Surface:  Duct Tape on 2 x 5 m windowpane
Execution time:  7 hours

A day – a work of art, any time and anywhere

Is it possible to completely cover with duct tape a 2 by 5 meters wall surface within just one day? And so that a painting is created!

Our art can be created spontaneously on spots that are often unsuitable for other artists. As SELFMADECREW we have developed a motto: Wherever we are, we create art. For example on facades or walls, indoors or outdoors. We always find a way and solution to create a work of art. This time it was a windowpane that we wanted to turn into a piece of tape art.

The Motif: An outstretched hand, as a symbol of helpfulness

Every year, the WelcomeCamp connects refugees, helpers, volunteers, and other actors from civil society. Due to his biography, this topic lies especially close to Ostap’s heart. Knowing that a helping hand could be worth everything to those in search of a new place to live inspired us to this motif for our tape art contribution to the event. During the show, participants of the event spontaneously helped to tape the handshake, making it a true hands-on process.

An outstretched hand- symbol of helpfulness- Duct tape artwork,after 7 hours of life taping

Reaching out a hand, as a welcome symbol- Finished artwork 2 x 5 meters in size

Interactive Tape Art Live Painting Show- Selfmadecrew for WelcomeCamp

Participants joined in taping the handshake

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