Close-up of the artist while taping

Artist while taping

An artwork made of duct tape is created in front of an audience

How is a work of art made of adhesive tape? Is this exciting for passers to watch an artist while painting? We want to put that back on the test again. This time we are taping a duct tape artwork in the Boulevard Berlin mall. As inspiration for the motif, we took a well-known street art piece from our teammate Ostap.

Work in progress- Close-up image of the duct tape artwork

Close-up of the duct tape artwork

A piece of Berlin is taped live

Because the action took place in Berlin, the “Berlin Ark” motif was perfect for our live show. This made a perfect reference to the city that we all love. As a material for the piece, we took a simple customary duct tape (GAFFA). This time we used only four colors: black, white, silver and blue. We purposely choose a cold color scheme. Why? So that, the cold colorway contrast with the optimistic message of the artwork. Just like our Berlin usually does. In addition, such cool color selection ensures some cooling in summer :)

Hands of the artist while taping

Close-up of the artist while taping

Duct tape art in the arcade

After eight hours, the 3×5 meter (ca. 120×200 inches) artwork was completed. The arcade visitors were allowed to watch us during this live painting action, take pictures and ask questions. It was a dozen selfies shot. A few small tape art fans were even allowed to help us a bit, so they taped some parts of the picture.

Finished duct tape artwork and the visitors of the arcades

Amazed …

The work of art is preserved for a while and can be viewed free of charge in the Boulevard Berlin in Steglitz District.

Vollendetes Kunstwerk mit GAFFA-Klebeband getapt

Duct tape wall art by Ostap and Selfmadecrew

Below is a short time-lapse video of this live taping action:

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Perfect tape artwork after 8 hours taping

Finished tape artwork after 8 hours taping