Work in progress at artist studio- brown packing tape portrait of the cosmonaut

Image 1- Work in progress at atelier

making of light box for packing tape art cosmonaut portrait

Image 2- Making of light-box for tape art

The cosmonaut – a tape art light-box

I created this cosmonaut portrait for “The House- Berlin Art Bang” exhibition. I planned to install two parts. Both parts should be installed in the entrance area of “The Haus” (see Image 6). At the try-in, I found that the desired effect did not apply because of the lack of space. So I had to change my plan. The second part of my packing tape installation was laid on the 5th floor. There was a perfect place in a built-in wardrobe in the corridor. Under the title “The Transition” the exhibition visitors were able to see there this part of the artwork. Also in the project book “The Buch” you can find a photo of it.

Tape artist's Ostap atelier-Yuri Gagarin packing tape portrait

Image 3- Tape artwork with and without light

Exit to-portrait of Gagarin out of brown tape-closeup

Image 4- Closeup of the “Exit to”

Packing tape art at “The House” project

Unfortunately, this part of the installation remained hidden for the audience. That’s why I decided to publish the photos of the remaining part here. The artwork measures 186 x 86 x 26 cm and consists exclusively of brown packing tape, which has been used in more than 20 layers on a lightbox. The color difference results from several layers of tape. And the work of art is only visible through the light (see picture 3).

Yuri Gagarin-brown packing tape portrait at atelier

Image 5- “Exit to” at artist’s studio in Berlin

Packing tape art cosmonaut portrait- The Haus-Berlin Art Bang

Image 6- Fitting in “The Haus”

Adhesive scotch-tape art portrait- first cosmonaut-Documenta Kassel 2017

Image 7- “Exit to” Kassel 2017