Eskimo Woman - Packaging Tape Street Art Portrait - Closeup

Blue packing tape on a window

Spandauer Street at night- Tape Art by Selfmadecrew

Only at night, the artwork unfolds

Freezing Cold Tape Art for Angiyok: Perhaps the World’s Biggest Parcel Tape Artwork Ever

Its nearly time: the interactive ice world and event location “Angiyok” will soon open its doors in Berlin. A unique Arctic landscape of 60 tons of ice awaits visitors, in the immediate vicinity of the famous Alexanderplatz. What does this have to do with tape art?  I and my „Selfmadecrew” were hired to design the exterior facade of the location: On 18 x 4 meters we created a huge art project with adhesive tape – possibly the biggest (and most icy) package tape artwork in the world.

50 Shades of Blue

We wanted to match the Arctic theme with our tape art. Therefore we chose a big variety of different shades of blue adhesive tape. Our aim? To attract the attention of visitors and pedestrians – and to create stunning visuals for the exterior facade.

The Idea

The idea: an arctic mountain landscape made of blue parcel adhesive tape and a portrait of an Eskimo woman as a special eye-catcher. We taped almost all the windows of the location. Two weeks and about 1200 reels of tape later, the tape artwork was finished. We also used white parcel adhesive tape for highlights – and to achieve a three-dimensional effect.

Ice cold Tape Art at Alexanderplatz- Berlin 2018

Amazed – Finished tape portrait

At Night the Tape Shines Brightly

What makes this project so special? It is not only the sheer size of the project but also the dazzling use of various lighting conditions. After darkness has set in, the interior lighting illuminates the landscape and portraits on the exterior facade – and the different shades of blue create a stunning depth effect. And during the day? Due to sunlight, the interior shines in a cool and arctic blue tone. Just the right thing for the icy Arctic world!

Blue Street- Packaging Tape Art Eskimo Woman Portrait

A complete blue street- Spandauer Strasse

If you want to see this tape street art piece up close, you can do so at Spandauerstraße 2, 10178 Berlin. A visit is worthwhile! At this point, we would also like to thank Angiyok once more for their cooperation. It was a real pleasure for us. We wish you a great opening and lots of success.

Short making-of video:

Street art with package tape- Angiyok Project- Berlin 2018

Spandauer Strasse at night

Tape Street Art- Selfmadecrew- panorama image

The biggest package tape art piece