Image of "Fallen down"- interactive street art by Ostap

“Fallen down” – optical street art

“Fallen down” – Interactive Street Art by Ostap

100 Euro note and banana peel on the streets of Berlin.

Post image 2-

Post image 2- “Fallen down”- interactive street art in Berlin by Ostap

What we don’t see does not exist!

What the hell? What do you mean? Why interactive – you will ask, and that’s right. This action by street brings to the fore, unfortunately, the main motivations and motives of our modern society. Either “ACCESS !!!” or “NO THANKS !!!”. One is willing to make the effort (to bow here) only when comes to their own profit. Unpleasant things evade you. What we can not use, consume ie, -we can not see. And what we do not see does not exist. Is that so? Is this the religion of our time? That is the question that his street art project raises the graffiti artists to the people. If we consider that for one minute and answer this question. Just every man for himself.

Germany 2015.