Image 01-Portable-Tornado-3D-adhesive-tape-sculpture-Ostap- 2014

3D adhesive tape sculpture- “Portable Tornado”

3D tape art sculpture- “Portable Tornado”.

For this installation was c.a. 370 different rolls of tape and 5 days consumed. This installation is 5 meters high and at the widest point she c.a. 2 meters diameter.

One of my most interesting work in my opinion, made out of tape and packing tape, is the 3D tape art sculpture- “Portable Tornado”.

Here is an excerpt from an article by a well-known art critic:

Image 02- Side View- 3D-adhesive-tape-installation-Slava Ostap- Portable Tornado-2014

Side-view of tape sculpture “Portable Tornado”

At first glance, there is nothing special – the color combination is traditional, black and red. However, under consideration of the size and shape of this 3D sticky tape sculpture, you think a little deeper into it. How is all this held there? If so whatever that possible without the use of additives? But if you think that it is hidden inside a stick or something similar, so I have to disappoint you. There is nothing but tape and packing tape – 430 roles – as much as you need to make a tornado up to 2 meters on average and 5 meters high. Since each roll of adhesive tape weighs about 200 grams, and the installation itself is not easy – more than 50 kilograms, it leaves us only one thing – to praise the author careful because he managed to stick together so that with minimal ground support the Tornado installation is not collapsed under all his weight. All right, precisely in the appeal of tape art and modern art puts all pure. He always tries to find new techniques, there are no universal techniques with tape. So that means that the Mental flexibility is welcomed in tape art and holds with mastery and talent along the same line tight.

Image 03- Making of Portable Tornado room installation by Ostap Artist and his Crew

Making of “Portable Tornado”- Artist and his Crew