The Beast- packing tape art portrait-mike tyson- Ostap 2015

“The Beast”- Packing tape art portrait

With his artwork “The Beast” the Berlin artist Slava Osinski opens up completely new dimensions of tape art.

In his previous works, such as “Stille Unruhe”, a homage to Vincent van Gogh, Slava has already proven the boundlessness of his art. Whether with duct or packaging tape: Tape Art is versatile and impressive. But above all, it is always one: fascinating.

His current picture shows boxing legend Mike Tyson at the age of 8 years. What do you see in him? The little boy? A beast? His life story? Made from hundreds of strips of packing tape Slava gradually reveals the true character. The beast is engaging, inspiring and authentic.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson

Just like Mike Tyson himself, the portrait shows all facets of life without seeming stiff or unrealistic. On the contrary. Looking at the artwork, you feel like Tyson is revealing himself, and showing all that makes him. With a size of 80 x 60 cm. the portrait is a real eye-catcher in every room.


Tape art is still in its infancy and is an evolution of street art. Slava himself has been using tape for years to develop his creativity. He appreciates the variety and potential uses of the material. In addition, Tape is not “dirty” by stereotypes and can be used arbitrarily to give their own feelings reprint. This way, tape art can be created anywhere where space is available. On streets, walls or windows.

On trashcans or lanterns. The tape seems to have no limits and is therefore always an effective and characteristic expression of the art movement. It is durable, but also quick to remove as needed without damaging anything. Slava takes care to reach many people and to keep experimenting with tape. The artwork must fit the place. It will be noticed either way.