Spraywald Underground Cucumber in the Berlin Kastanienallee

“Spraywald Underground (Cucumber)” in the Kastanienallee (Berlin 2013)

Image 01- Spreewald-Underground-stencil-street-art-series-Ostap-2015

“Spreewald Underground”- street art series by Ostap

Cucumber ice cream- spray paint art. 2013

“Cucumber ice cream” 2013

“SPREEYWALD UNDERGROUND” – Street Pop Art series

A series of tributes to Andy Warhol’s famous “Velvet Underground” Pop Art cover with banana. This series was created in 2013 and will continue to expand.

Stencil street art and spray paint on canvas, Berlin 2013- 2019.

Image 02- Spreewald-Underground-stencil-spray-paint-art-series-Ostap-2016

“Spraywald underground” Diptych, 50x40cm, spray paint on canvas

Image 03- Velvet Underground Reloaded-Andy-Warhol-Tribute-spray-pop-art-Ostap-2014

Tribute to “Velvet Underground Reloaded”- spray pop art by Ostap

Image 04- Velvet-Underground-diptych-Andy-Warhol-Tribute-spray-pop-art-Ostap-2015

“SPREEWALD UNDERGROUND”- spray pop art by Ostap, 2015

THE SPREEWALD UNDERGROUND- spray urban art by Ostap-Berlin 2013

“THE SPREEWALD UNDERGROUND 4”- spray urban art by Ostap, Berlin 2013