Berlin Starry Night- Ostap feat. Van Gogh - duct tape art- 2014

“Berlin Starry Night” feat. Van Gogh – duct tape art


Duct tape art- “Berlin Starry Night”- Closeup 01

Berlin Starry Night-Van-Gogh-Ostap-tape-art-close-up-02

“Berlin Starry Night”- duct tape art- Closeup 02

Duct tape art homage to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

My tribute to Van Gogh’s most famous and most mysterious painting: “The Starry Night“. I tried to imitate his painting technique. Only this time instead of the original artwork with oil paint I painted with colored duct tape. In addition, I also tried to build a bridge to modern times. A touch of Berlin may, of course, not be missing.

This tape art picture was taken during a four-hour live painting performance in the “Artgeschoss” gallery in Berlin. For the artwork, I used only colorful duct tape (GAFFA).

Size: 150 x 130 cm. Year 2014.