Selfmadecrew at-work- beginning of the live taping Show-fair event- Damme 2017

Beginning of the live taping Show


The artist starts to tape live

Tape artist Ostap at-work- live taping- commissioned event

Tape artist at work

Ostap at-work- live taping- commissioned project

Ostap at-work- live show


Tape artist at work- Close-up

live tape art show by Ostap- commission- Grimme Group Event

Ostap’s live tape art show

Closeup- hands with duct tape roll- live taping show

Hands with duct tape roll

Big five handshake- live taping-commission-Grimme Group-by Selfmadecrew- Fair Damme 2017

Live Taping Show by “Selfmadecrew”

Big five Handshake - finished tape artwork after live taping show- Selfmadecrew 2017

“Big five”- finished tape artwork

Big five Handshake- finished duct tape piece- Customer Brand colors- ordered by Grimme Group

“Big five Handshake”- finished tape art piece

“Big Five”- Live taping for agricultural machine manufacturer

For the company “Grimme Group” we stuck a duct tape artwork on the stage in front of an audience.

“Grimme Group” is the world’s leading agricultural machinery manufacturer from Germany. In autumn 2017 five new vehicles will be presented. The advertising campaign for the machines runs under the “Big 5” motto. For the pictorial motif, I used this time the play on words: “Big Five” and “High Five”. After six hours of live taping on the show, a 220 x 150 centimeter, flying hand, which represents a “high five handshake”, was created. The brand colors of the company and the advertising campaign are black, red and white. Therefore, I used these three colors for the work of art and the silver duct tape for the grayscale representation.

The painting hangs in the customer’s headquarters in Damme (Lower-Saxony).

The year 2017.