faqlove reloaded- 3d packaging-tape installation-tapeartconvention-berlin-2016

“FAQlove Reloaded” – 3d packing tape art

faqlove reloaded- 3d packing-tape portrait-tapeartconvention-berlin-2016

“FAQlove Reloaded” – 3d artwork

3d packing tape woman portrait- Tape Art Convention 2016-Ostap artist

3d packing tape woman portrait


“Faqlove Reloaded”- 3D packing tape installation by Ostap


“FAQlove Reloaded” – 3d artwork from packing tape

I created this three-dimensional women’s portrait especially for “Tape Art Convention 2016“.

This exhibition took place in November 2016 in a Berlin “Neurotitan” gallery.

Materials: green packing tape, 5 acrylic-glasses, LED back-light.

The dimensions of the installation are 100 x 80 x 20 cm. The artwork is now in a private collection.