Vinyl folie brand colors-for Hapag Lloyd project

100% removable without leaving any residue

Tape art guidelines: A commissioned project for Hapag Lloyd

Hire artists to raise awareness? That’s what Hapag & Lloyd wanted at their HQ when they approached us for a commissioned project! Many customer requests can be realized with tape art: This can be the design of an interior as well as an exterior facade that draws attention with duct tape (gaffer) or vinyl films.
Our commissioned project for Hapag & Lloyd was clearly defined. On the one hand, it was about the interior design, at the same time our abstract tape art was to serve as a wayfinding system for the employees moving into a newly constructed office building.

Abstract guidelines on the ground in Hapag Lloyd brand colours at the company headquarters

Guidelines in Hapag Lloyd brand colours

Wayfinding guidance on the ground in hapag lloyd brand colours

Wayfinding guidance on the floor

What is so special about tape art design?

Tape art is art implemented with different types of adhesive tape. The advantage? The artwork can be quickly applied to many surfaces such as walls, floors or ceilings and removed just as easily and, above all, without leaving any residue. In addition, this art technique is young, innovative and expressive. The application of straight, geometric shapes is minimalistic and at the same time effective in its execution.

Abstract tape art pattern on windows. By Selfmadecrew

The guide also leads over windows and walls

Therefore, the design of Hapag & Lloyd’s commissioned project was a great challenge for our artist collective. How do we manage to artistically mark easily recognizable paths? For the world-renowned transport company, commissioning us as artists was an opportunity to combine our vinyl foil art with practical processes that are therefore important to their operations processes. In a well-thought-out, artistic process, a work of art was created from many colourful adhesive tapes and vinyl foils that inspire and guide.

Video: The route from the main building to the new offices:

Project requirement: Routing from the main building to the new offices

The Hapag & Lloyd shipping company has been headquartered in Ballin-Haus in Hamburg since 1903. The globally active company calls at a multitude of ports worldwide every day with 251 ships. Translating this dynamic vividly and artistically was the key to the design. Our tape art was to provide quick orientation. In recent years, we have been able to show in many projects that wayfinding can also be designed creatively.

Vinyl foil design- Abstract Guidance pattern on windows and walls- by Selfmadecrew

Abstract guidelines pattern

The way from the entrance via the courtyard to the roof

So it was all about cohesive and clear design for the headquarters staff. Engaging us as artists meant trusting that our tape art would be a highlight and serve its purpose. The goal this time was to implement the interior in a modern way, friendly and harmoniously in the brand colours of the corporate design. The whole project was to be completed in just two days. And why? Immediately after the completion of the construction work, the employees were to move into the new office building. The wayfinding to their new workplaces should be quick and easy to find. We taped our abstract design on a total of 200 square meters. It started at the entrance of the complex and then went across the inner courtyard into the new building. The route guidance also extended in various forms to walls, stairs, in the elevator, and through the hallways to the third and sixth floors. All of this was staged by us as an innovative interior design to create a temporary total work of art.

The abstract vinyl foil guidelines on the floor

Entrance to the company headquarters