Post image 1- Portrait of John F Kennedy- tape street art by Ostap

Tape art portrait of John F Kennedy

Post image 2- Tape street art by Ostap - Portrait of John F Kennedy

Tape street art – Portrait of John F Kennedy

New Painting Technique

JFK Tape Art Portrait- commissioned street art project for JF Arcotel.

For this street-art project I’ve come up with a new technique: The image is composed entirely of white duct tape and serves as a background of the glass window pane. In the distance, Glass looks much darker than white tape. So I reached the required contrast. Extra thanks go to tape artist Rob (Tape Over) for help when gluing. With his help, we completed this commissioned street art task in just one day! April 2015.

Tape street art- JFK portrait-Ostap at work

Ostap at work