Post image- tape art diptych for adhesive tape manufacturer tesa- commission by Ostap

Two tape artworks for adhesive tape manufacturer Tesa

An order for “Tesa”

It was time for one of the largest tape producers to show interest in adhesive tape art. In the summer of 2016, I received an order from “Tesa”. I should make three artworks out of adhesive tape for the company. Under one condition – In production, I should use only tape brand “Tesa”. So I thought about a motive and began to work. A diptych with two pairs of hands with tape rolls has emerged. As a color combination, I used only brand colors of the company.

You can interpret the motif differently. Are these perhaps my hands, which I see every time when I work on a tape artwork? How often, I leave the decision to the viewer.

Image 2- Commissioned tape art for adhesive tape manufacturer Tesa

Tesa Logo- artwork for adhesive tape manufacture

Tape Art at HSV-Stadium

Now the pictures hang in the “Tesa” VIP lounge in the “HSV Arena” in Hamburg. If I were a football fan, I would be even more happy about it!

Image 3- Making-of art out of sticky tape- commission for Tesa by Ostap

Making-of art for brand- Tape artist at work

Image 4-Ostap at work- commissioned art for Tesa by Ostap

Tape artist at work- Tape art for brand “Tesa”