For Live Shows

I always liked live artistic performances, especially when I get the chance to participate, rather than just sit and watch. This month, I started on a tour, visiting four different cities in Germany, with the purpose of creating tape art in unique forms. The entire movement was sponsored by SAGE Solutions, wishing to thank them for this opportunity. They did something great for the people of these cities to see. But enough with the small talk and let’s get to the action.

The task was to create the tape art skyline of the towns, together with the coat of arms, while the audience watched me work.

Four German Cities Tour

The first city on my agenda was Leipzig. For the making of Leipzig’s skyline, I used black and white tape for depicting the buildings, two different shades of blue for recreating the sky, and yellow, in combination with white and black to create the land of the city. I loved capturing the particular elements that would set Leipzig from the rest of the cities, and apparently, the audience enjoyed it as well. The second city on my tour was Hamburg, an incredibly beautiful city. There are several rivers that flow through Hamburg, so the image of this incredible city is always reflected in the waters of these rivers.

The Skyline

So I took the making of the city’s picture up a notch. I used black, white and grey for creating the shapes of the city, and a red background. As you may have noticed by now, although if you didn’t, I would tell you, the choice of colors is according to the city’s coat of arms. Still, I had to put the river in the picture as well, so I used light grey to make that happen. And with white tape, I created the shadows of the city’s buildings in the river’s waters, to make the entire image complete.

Ostap's live painting Show- Collage


Stuttgart came next, working with black and yellow tape, just like the coat of arms suggest, to make the skyline of the city come to life. Another beautiful city, which entwines both the modern and traditional, keeping its particular charm untouched. Again, I recreated how the shades of the city can be seen in the water flow that passes by. If I used black for making the profile of the city and yellow for the sky, I changed the use of colors for making the river and the reflections. Yellow was used for the making of the shadows and black represented the color of the water. And last, but not least, came Dortmund. The choice of colors, black and yellow, were more than obvious if we quickly check the coat of arms. A gorgeous and modern city, which has been around for a while. This city inspired me a lot, making me come up with a more delicate approach, even if the colors are similar to the ones used for Stuttgart. Each city has its personality, and I wanted to get that as much as I could. Hopefully, I did a great job.