Parallel Lines- Abstract 3d duct tape installation in elevator

3d tape street art in a lift by Ostap

The office graffiti

I was rather busy last Friday, but I cannot complain, because I am more than happy when I am called to perform my type of art, regardless where that is. So, this time, I took care of a new and lackluster office, using black, red and white tape to give it a modern appearance. Because it is a space in people have to work, I couldn’t go too overboard with being non-conformist, so I thought it was best to do something abstract. It had to be something organized and clean, to reflect the reliability and professionalism that takes place in such offices. I personally don’t think that are limits when it comes to art, even if the main material is tape, but an artist should mold according to the situation. And since this wasn’t a museum or gallery, I had to perform neat and do something that it is easy to digest by anyone working here or passing through the area.

Photo of 3d tape graffiti art in the office

3D tape graffiti art in the office- Part 1

Still, I had to leave my imprint on this tape art masterpiece and keep my style. So I used black tape to create an irregular square, something to remind the employees here that chaos can happen, only to return to order, guided by their skills and efforts. So this part is balanced by the rest of the composition, done with red and white duct tape, which are symmetric lines, each of them having its well-determined place, in an environment that is highly organized. After all, this should be the role of a proper office and workplace, to take rough and rebel personalities and guide them to the productive and organized sphere, where their skills can be best valued.

3D duct tape graffiti art in the office- Panorama photo

3D tape graffiti art in the office