Flying Steps Academy Project- interior design with adhesive tape

The first handles (interior design with adhesive tape)

Work in progress-BreakDancer Figure 2000 move- brown tape artwork

Brown parcel tape break dancer figure is attached

Tape Art Interior Design: Packing Tape Art at the Flying Steps Academy

The Flying Steps Academy in Berlin is one of the most famous Breakdance schools in the world. And it is in Berlin!. In February this year, they opened a bistro and cafe in their school to provide guests and dancer with a refreshment and delicious food after training. Of course, it is not only the food and drinks that must be tasty, the cafe should also look appealing. And that’s where I and my SELFMADEcrew came in…

2000 Breakdance Move- Brown Tape Art by Slava Osinski- Close-Up

Close up of tape art lamp

Tape Art as an Eye-Catcher

The academy gave us full creative control: We were allowed to design a corner of the cafe to our heart’s content with tape art. The only requirement? It had to be cool, modern and suitable for the theme/café!

Creative Interior Design with Packing Tape

First and foremost we decided to use adhesive tape in the signal color red. Why red? Because red catches the eye, attracts attention and is a dynamic and powerful color. We wanted the tape art to match the cafes name and therefore taped a large Z (for “Zweitausend”) over window and wall. This way we achieved a little anamorphic effect.

Two Thousand Canteen- Flying Steps Academy- Tape Art Room Design

2000 Move (B-Boy) – A tape art room installation in “Two Thousand” Café

Tape Art on a Lamp

But the real highlight of this tape design is a dancer who shows the Breakdance Move 2000 (after this move the café is named). We taped this dancer with brown packing tape – not just on the wall, but on a homemade lamp. As soon as the lamp is switched on, the dancer lights up in a golden and warm color – and a bright white outline frames the silhouette of the figure. This creates a particularly cool effect after dark, but also looks great during the day.

By the way: You can see this tape art project (and of course dance) at Flying Steps in the Lobeckstraße 30-35 in Berlin Kreuzberg. It was great fun for us and we would like to thank Flying Steps for the cooperation.

Vartan Bassil-Flaying Steps Founder- Zweitausend Berlin

A coffee with friends (with Vartan Bassil from Flying Steps in two thousand canteens)

It was a lot of fun and we would like to thank Flying Steps for their cooperation. We are really proud that we know the guys!

2000 canteen- Flying Steps Academy- adhesive tape art project by Slava Ostap

2000 Breakdance Move (BBoy) – interior design for “Zweitausend” canteen

Below is a photo of two other Breakdancer (B-Boy) wall art pieces made from duct tape which I have stuck over the years.

Breakdancers- BBoy- wall art made from duct tape- Slava Ostap

The other two breakdancers (BBoy) wall art made from black duct tape