Corrugated cardboard graffiti for corrugated cardboard manufacturers

For the official opening of a brand new factory building in Damme (Niedersachsen) the company “ZERHUSEN Kartonagen GmbH” employed us to beautify their entrance area. So we created a 4 x3 meter big three-dimensional graffiti writing, purely made of the materials, that are manufactured and proceeded in the factory. For example, corrugated cardboard, cartons, paper roll cartridges, package adhesive tape and other materials.

We managed to pick up some production processes in the factory (conveyor, printing, punching, packaging) and integrated them in the sculpture.

After four intensive days, the artwork was completed.

Zerhusen- commissioned cardboard letters graffiti by Selfmadecrew- closeup

Cooperation project- Selfmadecrew for Corrugated cardboard factory Zerhusen

Letter S-Zerhusen-cardboard graffiti by Selfmadecrew-2017-closeup



Model of Letter E for cardboard lettering graffiti Zerhusen

Selfmadecrew at work-Zerhusen commission project

Happy Karoline Zerhusen and Ostap- SelfmadeCrew Damme-2017

The client Caroline Zerhusen admires the finished artwork

Zerhusen- cardboard factory hall-production running

Zerhusen- cardboard factory hall-production running

Zerhusen-new cardboard factory hall

New cardboard factory hall in Damme