Marking the Layout- Selfmadecrew at work- Jägermeister Project

Foremost- Marking the Layout

Fun when taping-Selfmade Crew sticks for Jägermeister

Fun when taping-Selfmade Crew sticks for Jägermeister

It is adhered hard-Making of Interior Design

It’s adhered hard! And adhered… And adhered…

Making of Jägermeister Festival Deer Interior Design

Everybody sticking now!

Club Design with a tape art for Jägermeister

The exhibition “The Haus-Berlin Art Bang” caused a lot of excitement and turmoil in Berlin 2017. Numerous artists were invited to embellish an empty bank building – and let their imagination and art run wild. Also, we, the SELFMADECREW, were involved and designed our area with two tape installations artworks. The feedback was great and as so often, one project led to another…

Jägermeister Gets Interested

During the exhibition, one of the project sponsors, Jägermeister, became aware of us. They contacted one of the organizers (Xi-Design) and asked for an interior design project collaboration. If we were interested? You bet!

Jägermeister Trojan Deer

Jägermeister Trojan Deer

Creative Design for The Festival Deer

Festival-fans in Europe has probably seen him before: The huge deer of Jägermeister, reminiscent of the Trojan horse. Our mission? Interior Design. Beautify a floor of the deer with adhesive tape. Our idea: to put the Jägermeister logo (Deer head and cross) in the center of the installation and the viewers’ attention.

Tape Art Interior Design with great attention to detail

We decided to keep it sweet and simple and chose the typical colors of Jägermeister: black and orange. To really accentuate the logo, we had it rebuilt out of wood – and started taping diligently. Due to the complex wall structure, this turned out to be quite time-consuming: All in all, the taping alone took us almost four days! Normally we would have been done within a day.

The project was challenging and a lot of fun. Once again, we would like to thank Xi-Design and Jägermeister for the collaboration.

Tape art interpretation of Jägermeister Deer logo

Close-up of our interpretation of the Jägermeister Deer logo

Interior design with adhesive tape- Jägermeister Deer Bar

Interior design with adhesive tape

Jägermeister club embellished with tape art

The club embellished with tape art. Interior design by “SelfieCrew”