selfmadecrew-tape-artists-atwork- tape-rolls-inventory

Duct tape inventory for tape graffiti


Taping in progress

Tape Art-Interior design for “ZF Race Engineering”

In the summer of 2016 the leading vehicle parts manufacturer ZF Race Engineering GmbH from Germany commissioned our team to create a tape-art graffiti in the factory building. ZF’s products are used in nearly all racing sports and practically by all teams. So we got to work. After two days of taping, the three race cars from different vehicle classes were created as duct tape graffiti on the wall. This piece of tape art by Selfmadecrew now adorns the entrance of the factory building in Schweinfurt (Bavaria-Germany).


“Racing cars”- duct tape graffiti at the “ZF” factory

selfmadecrew-at-work-tape-art-commission-factory building-ZF-Race-Engineering-Schweinfurt-2016

Selfmadecrew- work in progress


Tape artist at work


Ostap hammer the tape


“Racing cars”- duct tape graffiti