Green Construction- woven tape artwork- Closeup

Closeup of “Green Construction”- abstract, woven tape artwork

“Green” – woven tape-art object

The enthusiasm by the shape and color intensity unit always lets me get back to the art form – and formlessness, thus resorting to the abstraction Several of my tape artwork can be described as abstract. Given my desire to calculations and mental work, predominates in my art just the geometric abstraction as a branch of more comprehensive, generalized abstractionism. My work is a Green waving duct tape art-object of examples of geometric abstraction.

Green-abstract woven duct tape art- Ostap 2013

“Green Construction”- woven duct tape artwork

Polarized duct tape

Based on the geometric abstraction is the creation of artistic space by combining of various geometrical shapes, color surfaces, straight and/or broken Lines. Also, the aim of such a creation in the liberation of consciousness from the false diversity as well as in the exposure of the hidden elemental scheme. The Green waving duct tape artwork is not characterized by the line plasticity, which is the so-called pure abstractionism rather not own. The amount of right angles and chess-like sequence of empty space parts with the color-filled space parts leaves me to suggest some similarity between my work and this geometric abstraction. Except that this work is created in all theoretical requirements for geometric abstraction, it is interesting by its polarity, but this is no conflict. Installed in the Roll of black tape that does not hurt nonetheless be the relief, contrasts, or in other words in the polarity of the whole work. The small amount of black allows the viewer’s eye and brain to perceive the main color, ie green as even more intense and deep, in which one can influence its effect and hardly notices the presence of the black color and therefore does not experience a color conflict.

The green color

As is known, the Green symbolizes youth, speed, and energy, which itself comes in addition to the general construction work for the performance. Also selected for mentioned types of work are by their nature polar to each other, but with each other in no contradiction. The circle does not break off the lines and not impede the formation of the chess episode also. Its function is mere to help the audience to spot the plastic and flexibility of exactly clear geometric ornamentation and lines forming him. Just the influence of those parts of the image that appear on first glance to be inconspicuous, on the fact of how the audience perceives this work and how he assesses unconsciously, gives it the artistic, creative mind.