It starts with live tape art: Selfmadecrew for Crocs

It starts with live tape art in front of the audience

Our live tape art at the “Panorama-Berlin” fair (ICC)

Tape art can arise everywhere and often comparatively spontaneously. Elaborate planning, as is the case with many other artworks and techniques, is often not required here. How versatile this art direction can be proved at the “Panorama-Berlin” Fashion Fair at the Internationales Congress Centrum Berlin (ICC). As part of the fair, we created live a tape art show within a day. The trade fair visitors, but also our clients, were able to watch how piece by piece a true work of art is created, which comes very close to the original.

Crocs rely on live tape art

This time the fashion brand “Crocs” booked us for a live tape art show. In this order, we designed a motif for the artwork, which is then taped live. Worldwide, the company is known for its exceptional shoes. The clogs designed by “Crocs” keep coming up with new, exciting designs. At the same time, the manufacturer is not afraid to break with current trends. This concept is succeeding and makes Crocs today one of the most famous sandals manufacturers in the world. The fascination of the brand’s colorful and comfortable clogs can be seen by looking at the resulting tape art painting. As extraordinary and versatile as the manufacturer’s shoes are, so extravagantly we design the artwork for our live tape art show.

Live Taping in a day

For this live tape art performance, we only needed a total of two days. One day while preparing for the event, before the “Panorama Berlin” fair started. The live tape art show itself took only one day to complete. During the fair, the visitors could look over our shoulders at any time. Our complete artwork was created exclusively from duct tape. Due to the different colors, the individual motif components can be well recognized. To get the tapes in shape, we only needed just one tool.

The taping is well underway- Live tape art by Selfmadecrew

The taping is well underway

The fascination of art from tape – art meets minimalism

The art genre “tape art” is now more popular than ever. The fascination of using only a few materials to create something extraordinary makes for an unprecedented appeal. It takes imagination, skill, and a good dose of flair to position the single tapes in such a way that the desired motif can be realized. During live tape art, interested guests have the opportunity to watch us performing and ask questions.

We would like to thank Crocs for this interesting project and the opportunity to work together with such a cool brand.

How does live tape-painting works? Here’s a short video about it:

Finished tape artwork for Crocs

Finished tape artwork. 300x180cm.

Live taping show for Crocs at the fashion fair in Berlin- Finished tape art piece

A pair of clogs for “Crocs”