Art gives wings! – Workshop with “Selfmadecrew”

As part of the Street Art Tour of the UDK, the University of the Arts, it was colorful in Berlin in September. Around Washington Square, near the main train station, students were invited along with art lovers, tourists, curious people, and street art fans to participate in various interesting workshops on the subject of art.

And in the middle of it – the “Selfmadecrew”. The sponsor of this year’s tour was, as well as last time – Red Bull and

The goal was to design a roughly 600 square meter map of Germany across Berlin with tape, chalk, graffiti, spray cans and stencils. At various stations of various street art artists, the participants were taught interesting facts about the art.

Already last year, the crew convinced them to create impressive installations with duct and packing tape. As with STILL UNREST or THE BEAST, the works are given a completely new character. This year the collective is already indispensable as an integral part. A vision for the street art tour was quickly established.

True to the motto “Art gives wings”, the participants created oversized angel wings in homage to the sponsors.

The workshop was relaxed and gave the visitors a lot of interesting information about tape art. The participants were invited to try themselves in it. A short lesson on different techniques and qualities of the tap was not missing. The result was a complete success. The participants went wild with the artists!

The result was an extremely cool mood and an artfully designed wall.

Finished Tape Graffiti

Finished Tape Graffiti “Art gives wings”

“The participants have enthusiastically accepted and participated. We hardly had to intervene. The feedback was very positive! “- said the artists themselves about the event.

And that’s no wonder. Tape Art stands out and arises where nobody expects it. Whether at fairs, events or the streets of the city: Adhesive tape art fascinates and inspires.

Under commissioned art and workshops galleries, there are more impressive impressions of the tape art artist. If you can not wait until next year, just book it for your personal workshop.

On the following picture you can see the result of the Workshop for the “Street Art Tour 2014”:

The wings- 3D street art made of adhesive tape - The result of the workshop

3D street art from duct tape “The Wings” – The result of the workshop