the clean wall of the project

The clean wall for the mural project

Location: Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Date: October 2020.
Occasion: “Spenser Confidential” premiere on Netflix.
Material: Police barrier tape.
Surface: Building facade / 15 x 7 meters.
Duration of Execution: 4 days.

Netflix’s inquiry

Before the US film “Spenser Confidential” premiere, starring Mark Wahlberg, Netflix and Xi-Design inquired us with a project request.
As part of the PR and promotional campaign for the film, a Mark Wahlberg portrait was to be placed on a five-story building

The Challenge

The portrait artwork should not be painted with paint or tape. Because the movie is about a Boston cop,
the portrait should only be taped with the yellow-black Boston police barrier tape.
To tape a 15 x 7 meters portrait mural with barrier tape? Has anything like this ever been done? Are we the first to dare something like this? Since the implementation of such complex and exciting concepts is our speciality, we accepted the challenge with great anticipation.

The implementation

Together with colleagues from Xi-Design we got to work. After 4 days, the portrait mural was completed and triggered great enthusiasm among customers.
Nevertheless, two important questions remained unanswered: Has Mark Wahlberg seen his portrait on a house facade? And if so, did he like it?

Mark Wahlberg's Spenser Confidential Poster mural

Mark Wahlberg’s “Spenser Confidential” movie poster as mural